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    Isra Foundation Schools

    We are a premier school located in Hyderabad. We have a purpose-built campus on two acres of land. We offer classes from PK3 to O’levels which will continue up to A-Levels. We have a firm commitment to grooming our students to become well-rounded individuals. We provide our students with an enabling environment in which they are free to explore and maximize their inner potential.

    Our rigorous academic program, which encapsulates strong moral and character-building principles; and our student-centered learning approaches, which focus on collaboration, hands-on learning, and problem-solving, are designed with this commitment in mind. With this, it is our conviction that our graduates will play a vital role as good and active citizens in bringing about a positive change in Pakistan's society. They will also be well-prepared and ready to take on the challenges of the 21st Century.

    Your child's future begins here!