Arts (Grade 1, 2022-23)

Encourage students' creativity and self-expression in a fun and supportive atmosphere!
Teacher: Wania Shaikh

PE (Grade 1, 2022-23)

Physical Education is "education through the physical". It aims to develop students' physical competence and knowledge of movement and safety, and their ability to use these to perform in a wide range of activities associated with the development of an active and healthy lifestyle

Nazra (Grade 1, 2022-23)

In this course, students learn to read the Quran verbally by using the rules of tajweed and learn to recite Quran correctly. Small suras will be the starting point for Nazra. The rhythm of a child for recitation of Quran shall be increased gradually. Once the student picks up the pace for Quran recitation, the Tajweed rules shall be presented to him/her so that these can be embedded in his recitation.

Islamiyat (Grade 1, 2022-23)

With this course, students are encouraged to learn about فرشتے, آخرت, کلمہ طیّبہ, تعارف, نماز, ذکر صحابہؓ, چند آداب و اصول, تعوذ, تسمیہ, سورۃ الفاتحہ, سورۃ الاخلاص
through interactions with engaging interactive pictures and graphical effect.

Social Studies (Grade 1, 2022-23)

In this course the students learn about families, how they can be similar and how they can be different. The students also learn about how families interact and the rules families follow. The students then hear about how learning happens, both at school and at home. Next the students learn about how both children and parents work, where they work, and how money is used in our culture. The differences between a want and a need is explained, along with how people get what they want and how needs and wants have changed over time. The class then focuses on choices that are made by people, how to make good choices, and important choices made in history.

Science (Grade 1, 2022-23)

This course will emphasize the development of basic scientific skills and concepts in chemistry, physics, earth science and biology. In addition, scientific vocabulary and reading comprehension will be addressed to assist students ill furthering their science education.

Mathematics (Grade 1, 2022-23)

In this course the students will work to understand addition and subtraction, how numbers relate to each other, including grouping in tens and ones.

English (Grade 1, 2022-23)

In this course students will develop skills to identify words that suggest feelings, explain the differences between books that tell stories and those that give information, and identify who is telling a story at different times in a book. The students will demonstrate an understanding of words that are spoke, syllables within a word, and sounds. Through the application of appropriate phonics and the analysis of words, students will be able to read grade-level material well enough to understand the meaning.